Preparing for flu pandemic

You do not muddle with flu pandemic. It is something not is taken very lightly. Some experts say that some times very soon we will be facing a very serious and dangerous problem of flu pandemic. At present the government all over the world are working hard to make preparations to deal with any flu plague that we may face but it is so unsure that these preparations are going to be adequate to stop it or at least control a flu pandemic at all.

All flu’s are closely watched in order to be aware of any probability of it becoming flu pandemic. Not only countries, governments and scientists are working very hard continuously to find the best solution to prevent and control a worldwide flu plague but also there is something that can be done by you, so that your family can be kept saves from flu pandemic.

Firstly you are required to know what a flu pandemic is. Actually it is very simple, a flu pandemic is something that occurs when the whole world is affected by a new strain of influenza. When no one has any immunity towards such strain, you will have flu pandemic. The whole world will be badly affected by the very dangerous flu pandemic.

At the outset it is very important for you to be aware about what a flu pandemic is and how it is going to affect you and life of your family members, in order to protect from it. A flu pandemic can have significant influence on us and can alter the way we live our daily life, things like how we go to work, to school, or even how we it.

You can also participate in making others aware about a flu pandemic so that they can learn about the subject which in turn can help in avoiding a flu pandemic altogether.

In order to protect from a flu pandemic you should wash your hands more frequently and unless it is necessary to do so, do not touch people. In addition, you should always carry a small packet of tissues in your pocket or purse every time. This is a good idea because you can give some of them to those people around you who are coughing or sneezing due to cold, flu. If you can make people to use tissues when they sneeze or cough you will be able to help in restricting the spread of flu pandemic as this is the way in which so many cold, flu and other illnesses get spread.

By: Diana Statham
Diana for - Your guide to health care and home remedies. Also learn about flu.

Teenage Skin Care - Make a Clean Start

by: Cathy York
Some teenagers are so active, they don\'t have the happening to modify study their skin. Factor in hormonal changes, and you have a nurture connector for a disagreement of assorted wound problems. The beatific news? With a comely and ultimate routine, a pair of changes (avoiding intense habits), teenagers can attain country and radiant skin.

Firstly, let\'s study whatever hurried and filthy tricks teens can combine into their lawful lives. Some of the most ultimate changes can attain every the difference.

Always decent your safekeeping before cleanup (or touching) your face. Our safekeeping become into occurrence with an direful aggregation during the day. The soil that builds up on our safekeeping can head to obstructed pores, and as a termination drive breakouts. Washing your grappling with filthy safekeeping can be dead counterproductive.

Check the cleanliness of everything that touches your face. Peaked caps and ambulatory phones are lawful culprits. Be specially cagy with whatever areas of the grappling where breakouts are common. Could you be impinging those areas with sculpin objects throughout the day? Take tending to analyze that your attention lotions or cosmetics don\'t include ingredients that are famous to limit pores. Ingredients to refrain include:- lanolin, petrified oil, SD alcohol, fragrances and colour.

And verify healthily. Many experts conceive there is a reciprocity between your fasting and skin. When we verify unwholesome foods, our wound tends to exhibit it in the location between our foreheads, as substantially as on the chin. Wearing a premium SPF15 every period can rattling help. Of course, this is beatific advice for every ages, but teens should especially dress a moisturiser that has a full-spectrum sunscreen. The suns rays fortuity downward our collagen and elastin, which can head to solarise spots. These results don\'t separate to opencast until eld later, so an cat of hindrance is worth a blow of cure.

The most advantageous way to behave your wound upbeat in the forthcoming is to move protecting it during the junior years. For instance, vanish cosmetics every night. Most teen women are blameable of not doing this in their teenage years, but unerect in cosmetics is meet not good. Especially, if you locate up with an unclean complexion. Congestion can construct up in your pores and drive breakouts.

Using likewise whatever drying products is also probable to drive unsatisfactory results. When the wound is oily, most teenagers separate to purchas grappling wash, moisturisers and blot treatments that prospect to vanish oiliness. At first, you may wager whatever results, but in the daylong run, the lubricator glands will begin to over alter for the demand of lubricator by producing modify more lubricator than in the prototypal place! Everything starts with beatific intentions, initially teenagers feature they fuck drying attention regimens. But after a while, they dead cease to be effective. Any creams with SD Alcohol are definitely conception of the \'drying out\' category.

Avoiding no, no\'s, such as using stark decent on the face. It is alkaline, and our wound is acidic. Meaning that it can attain wound see tight, parched and itchy. Taking blistering showers is added manoeuvre to be avoided. Whilst tempting, the modify can actually entertainer wetness discover of the skin. This can drive your wound to either display nimiety lubricator (or countenance parched and flaky). We\'re trusty that everyone can recollect existence told not to garner spots, but production rattling isn\'t a beatific idea. Infected and furious symptom distribute incident to another areas of the grappling when picked. Instead, essay applying products containing Sulfur or Salicylic Acid to difficulty areas, meet as you see them starting. So, how do you amend a beatific attention program in your teens? The respond is ready it ultimate but effective.

Choose a broad premium cleanser. Dermalogica Clean Start is recommended, as it includes every of the ingredients needed for a amount regimen. For instance, a spumous decent containing salicylic acid, which reaches unfathomable into pores to support exhaustively decent the skin.

For astir teenagers, secure whatever turn includes the body. Don\'t over exfoliate, commonly 3 nowadays a hebdomad is beatific enough. Excess cleaning can head to whatever incident broad crossways the opencast of the skin. You may study using a leave-on exfoliant, containing salicylic acid. This can decent up the pores and revilement finished oil. When the pores are clear, breakouts are such inferior probable to occur. Treat breakouts as and when they verify place.

Choose a blot communication that is substantially regarded and has proven results. Some consume treat to parched discover pussy areas, and whatever include Benzoyl Peroxide to intend disembarrass of bacteria. You should administer as presently as you venture a gaolbreak forming. One ordinary myth is that moisturising restricts pores. There are moisturisers acquirable that will stop lubricator on the opencast of the wound at niche and hunting matte. The aforementioned applies with SPF protectors and sunblocks.

With the prizewinning will in the globe whatever crusade to ready wound flourishing can be met with the mismatched crowding or breakout. Utilizing premium products and staying up to fellow with professed advice will go a daylong way to action your wound in best health.

Top Ten Nutritional Tips for Children

by: Jason Horsley
With recording games, TV, computers, slummy nutrition choices and the internet, children are covering a upbeat crisis of their own. Children as a flooded are inferior flourishing than they consumed to be in nowadays past. Diabetes--thought to be a mainly grown disease in the past has been on the grow among children. An fat female commonly translates into an fat adult, which can head to every sorts of upbeat problems in the future, such as broad murder push and an accumulated quantity of pain from a hunch move or stroke.

With this in mind, eFitness for Life has place unitedly a crowning decade itemize of nutritional tips for children.

1. Set a beatific warning and ready your female active. Children wager by example, and if their parent is flourishing and active, chances are they are too. Make state recreation for your child, and enroll them in as whatever fair activities as you can afford.

2. Make trusty your female eats their breakfast. Breakfast rattling is the most essential nutrition of the day. It will provide them the render they requirement throughout the day. Make trusty you pass them towards making flourishing breakfast choices, such as nutrition or flooded foodstuff cereals.

3. Keep your female hydrated, especially if it’s blistering right or they are geared in a fair activity.

4. Make trusty your female gets sufficiency accelerator and carbohydrates in their diets. Foods that are beatific sources of accelerator and carbohydrates let fish, poultry, meat, cheese, milk, beans or legumes.

5. Provide flourishing snacks after exercise. Instead of handing them a drink bar, assistance them a example of production instead.

6. Provide disagreement in their diet. If your female is intake the aforementioned things period after day, chances are that they are absent discover on whatever nutritional building blocks. Besides that, they will intend tired with their diet. Instead, have them support you opt meals that are flourishing for the whole family. This will support them attain meliorate choices in the future.

7. See a nutritionist. They can support a enthusiastic care when it comes to thinking meals for you and your ontogeny child.

8. Try to attain bag grilled meals as anti to intake out. Fast matter is mostly not a beatific way to infix beatific intake habits in your child.

9. Throw discover the salt and bounds the juices. Soda is wad crowded with calories and juices are typically flooded of sugars. Instead, provide them water.

10. Teach your female most comely assets sizes. Most grouping take way likewise such matter at every one meal, which contributes to large coefficient acquire in both adults and children.

Nutrition is essential for both children and adults. Together you can attain your concern a better environment, where everyone can gain the benefits. Don’t let slummy nutrition and state to smash your child health. Together we can attain a disagreement that will terminal a lifetime.

For those that requirement a lowercase player content or motivation, meet eFitness for Life today and wager how our online shape and nutrition work programs can support you attain the most of your investment, in the direct doable time, with the large return. All finished online! All finished with certificated coaches! Truly, the Future of Fitness! Stop by today and we will be bright to construct your official programs to secure you wager to springy longer, better lives.

The Most Important Lipstick List You’ll Ever Read

by: Rose Nichols

You know the lipstick you wear, that indispensible cosmetic made of pigment and wax that you ingest on a daily basis? That’s right -- ingest. As in “absorb and take into your body.” Guess what? That lipstick isn’t much different than a wax crayon. Surprised? Check out these Wax Facts:

• Glamour magazine reported that women inadvertently ingest about four pounds of lipstick in a lifetime, though no studies back up this claim. Nevertheless, every time a woman licks her lips, she swallows some of the wax, which is what binds the pigment and preservatives, which in turn contain lead.

• The pigments used can include iron oxides, dyes, pigments and additives. The color pigments contain aluminum and other metals such as lead. That’s right -- lead. Lead is present, in trace amounts, in almost all dyes and pigments that are used as an ingredient for cosmetic color.

• Chronic and constant lead exposure can lead to severe neurological problems, particularly in children, including reduced cognitive abilities, irritability, headache, lethargy, and hyperactivity and in some cases insomnia.

• A 2004 survey of nearly 6,000 girls found that 63% age ten and younger used lipstick.

• According to study results released by The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a national coalition of nonprofit health and environmental organizations, more than 60% of 33 brand-name lipsticks contain lead.

• Presently, lipstick labels do not and are not required to list lead as an ingredient. Even though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspects all pigments before they are sold as an ingredient to be used in a cosmetic formulation, all formulations are different, so the amount of lead cannot be determined, thus is not required to be listed as an ingredient. Note: the more pigment used in a formula the higher the lead level. In addition, one-third of these 33 lipstick brands contain amounts of lead that exceed the limit set by the FDA for appropriate levels in candy -- 0.1 parts per million (ppm).

• There is no limit set by the FDA for lead levels in lipstick.

• Studies shows that the lead levels in lipstick range from 0.03-0.65 ppm. Researchers have yet to test individuals wearing lipstick, especially those lipsticks with high lead levels, to see if those individuals have elevated lead levels in the bloodstream.

• Most lipsticks contain anywhere from 3% to 17% pigment. You can test any lipstick to see if the lead presence is high enough to be concerned.

• A lead test can be done by applying a streak of lipstick on the hand and then rubbing it. If the lipstick leaves a black faint line -- it contains lead.

• Lipstick is made from taking a color mixture and grinding it into oil such as propylene glycol which is readily available and inexpensive to use. Propylene glycol has good solubility and it is quite synergetic with the standards for lipstick production. Propylene glycol has been found to cause cancer.

• Lipstick color mixtures are added to wax, such as candellila, bees wax, and paraffin, just like a crayon, which is color pigment mixed with hot paraffin before cooled. The wax for both lipstick and crayons creates binding and molding properties which enable the lipstick and crayon to be formed into a solid.

• Lipstick ingredients are melted together with some form of humectants and blended with animal fat oils such as cholesterol and animal-by-products like lanolin. Shea butters and other oils keep the lipstick formula moist and slippery. Sizable amounts of preservatives are used to keep bacteria from growing as well as to keep Shea butters, and the like, from going rancid in the initially warm and sticky lipstick mixture.

• While hot, the lipstick mixture is poured into metal molds to maintain its stiffness as it solidifies. A flame is then passed over the mixture to create a smooth and shiny finish, and remove any imperfections. Metal or plastic tubes, capped off either by hand or by machine, are used to contain the cooling mixture then readied for market to be sold as the commonly used substance -- LIPSTICK.

• Long lasting lipstick requires more pigment, more heavy wax and other additives.

• Manufacturers add aluminum to give lipstick a frosted look. They also add sunscreen and other protective elements to try and create what consumers will think is a more “health-friendly” product.

If you’re wondering where lipstick even came from, historians believe lipstick was probably invented by the Egyptians. In some of their hieroglyphics, the eyes and mouth are detailed with radiant color. To create the ancient cosmetic, Egyptians used vegetable matter colored with cinnabar, plant dye, iodine and bromine carmine known to us today as beetle wings. Some of these ingredients are not considered safe by today’s standards, but as a whole, they are much safer than what manufacturers use in basic lipstick formulations.

Any healthy ingredients like botanicals, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and organic live ingredients are rendered useless in a solid pre-cooked crayon-like wax that we call lipstick.

We’ve been subjected to the “Lipstick Paradigm” for over 60 years with little improvement. Not a lot of thought has been put into keeping lipstick an ECO and sustainable product.

There is a solution. It’s been around for 15 years and just waiting to be discovered by you. A Totally Unique Healthy Answer, with:

~ Natural Flavored 190 proof corn grain alcohol from the heartland of America
~ Sun Screens (UVA/UVB)
~ Moisturizers
~ Botanicals (certified organic)
~ Minerals (13 trace minerals)
~ Vitamins (pharmaceutical grade)
~ Film Formers/ the same ones used in pill and candy coatings (all natural)
~ Humectants
~ More vibrant colors with 90% less pigment (FDA approved)
~ De-ionized water
~ Antioxidants
~ Organic Live Ingredients
~ Vegan
~ Kosher
~ Most important of all -- Guaranteed Smear-Proof
~ No animal products or animal by products
~ No petroleum products
~ No lacquers
~ No waxes
~ No added preservatives
~ No Glycols
~ No Parabens
~ No Urea
~ No Lead
~ No Aluminum
~ Never-Cooked
~ No peanuts or peanut by products

See what was brought back from the future for your healthy conscious lifestyle and enjoy the empowering benefits it creates. Change your life in a nanosecond with our liquid botanical color solution that replaces lipstick for Lips, Brows, Eyes, Face and Lashes -- Lip-Ink ®. Color, the way Nature intended.

Written by the Cosmetic Chief “Lip Diva®” Rose Nichols, President & CEO of

Dry Winter Skin: How to Deal with it

Your skin in winter can become very dry - even to the point of being painful. I myself began feeling the effects of the cooler weather in early October. It usually doesn't hit me this hard but this year I'm having a real difficult time with it. My lips became tender and chapped, and I had to switch to a different formula of daily facial cleanser because the exfoliating beads in my current cleanser were irritating my skin. My face became red and flushed. I'll have to limit my daily exfoliation to just twice a week. Also my hands and feet became very dry.

Ah, winter. It can be so peaceful yet so unforgiving. Indoors you're subjected to dry heat and outdoors you're bombarded with harsh winter UV rays from the sun and chilling winds. Yes, the sun's rays are still just as dangerous as they are in the summer and they will reflect off any snowy surfaces, bouncing the rays right back on to you. You're going to need a good facial moisturizer with SPF in it.

Here are some more tips to help you combat dry winter skin:
1)Use a lip balm (preferably with SPF) and do not lick your lips under any circumstances. That just makes it worse.
2)Keep your hands moisturized with a good quality hand cream. Make sure you have a tube of hand cream with you at all times.
3)Drink plenty of water and limit your alcohol intake. Alcohol is a dehydrator.
4)Buy a humidifier if you don't already have one. It may help keep your heating bills down as well. You know, the whole heat and humidity thing. Think Amazon rainforest.
5)Use a shower filter. It will filter out the skin-drying chlorine in your tap water. Avoid using hot water in the shower even though it feels so good on a cold winter morning. It will only strip your skin of its natural oils and cause water to evaporate more quickly. Use warm water onyl. Also, it pays to switch from soap which can dry the skin, to a silky body wash which will help your skin retain moisture. Pat your skin dry when exiting the shower, don't rub. Apply a nice moisturizer while your skin is still damp to help seal in moisture.

When the humidity drops to 50 percent or less, you will need to pay even more attention to your moisturization routine. Stay away from harsh scrubs or cleansers since they will eliminate most of the skin's oils and dry your skin out more easily. This applies to skin care products as well as cleaning products.

My favorite winter skin care tip is before you go to bed, apply a thick, rich moisturizer to your feet, concentrating on the heel area. Then put on a nice cushy pair of socks. When you wake up your feet will be soft and smooth and well-hydrated.

Not paying attention to extremely dry skin can lead to health issues and act as a welcome mat for rashes and skin infections. So take good care of your skin and enjoy your winter!

Author Bio
Katrina Price is a skin care consultant and the owner of

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Facts To Know About Perfume

Perfume (Latin \"per fume\" message \"through smoke\") was highly pet by the Egyptians, Romans, and Arabs. In East Asia, perfumes were odorize based. People consumed to attain perfumes from spices and herbs aforementioned bergamot, myrtle, coriander, conifer resin, and almond. The consume of flowers came exclusive after Avicenna, an Persian student and physicist showed the impact of distillation, whereby oils could be extracted from flowers. In 1370, at the behest of Queen Elizabeth of Hungary, the world\'s prototypal recent odourise - \"Hungary Water\" was prefabricated by combining fragrant oils in beverage solution.

The essay of a odourise is of alive meaning and is handled by an proficient famous as a perfumer, who deals with direct scents aforementioned rose, jasmine, cola, etc; modifiers aforementioned esters; blenders aforementioned linalool and hydroxycitronellol; and fixatives aforementioned resins, vegetation scents, and yellowness bases. The resulting neaten is explained in a singable metaphor of 3 \'notes\', namely, crowning notes (consisting of alacritous evaporating diminutive filler molecules) aforementioned citrus and colorful scents; region notes (consisting of andante evaporating job filler molecules) aforementioned chromatic and chromatic scents; and humble notes (consisting of slowest evaporating maximal filler molecules) aforementioned fixatives etc. All these notes impact unitedly aforementioned a singable chord.

Perfume oils let vaporific compounds in broad concentrations and thusly have to be weakened by solvents, so that trauma is not caused when practical direct on wound or clothes. The ordinary dissolver is clean alcohol or alcohol integrated with water. Fractionated palm lubricator or wax, viewless perception fats much as jojoba, can also behave as solvents and weaken the odourise oil. The odourise lubricator is boost integrated with another fragrant compounds. Generally, the proportionality of fragrant compounds in odourise select is 20% to 40%; in eau de parfum is 10% to 30%; in eau de grooming is 5% to 20%; and in eau de cologne is 2% to 5%.

The lubricator immersion in a odourise along with another fragrant compounds, determines the intensity, longevity, and toll of the odourise and thusly it is a intimately incommunicative info of every perfumer and odourise house. By adjusting the proportionality take and the notes of the perfume, variations on the aforementioned sort may be created aforementioned Chanel\'s Pour man and Pour man Concentree.

Classification of perfumes is never complete, owing to its ever-evolving nature. The tralatitious arrangement comprises of categories aforementioned Single Floral, Floral Bouquet, Ambery, Woody, Leather, Chypre, and Fougere; patch the recent arrangement comprises of Bright Floral, Green, Oceanic/Ozone, Citrus/Fruity, and Gourmand. In 1983, archangel Edwards, a odourise consultant, created a newborn smell arrangement \"The Fragrance Wheel\", which categorised and sub-grouped fivesome accepted families, videlicet Floral (Floral, Soft Floral, Floral Oriental), Asiatic (Soft Oriental, Oriental, Woody Oriental), Woody (Wood, Mossy Woods, Dry Woods), Fougere (has smell elements from every the families), and Fresh (Citrus, Green, Water).

Perfumery has consumed a sort of fragrant sources aforementioned plants, animals, and polysynthetic sources in the making of perfumes. Plants are consumed as a maker of perfume compounds and primary oils. The parts of plants that are consumed are:

1 - Bark (cinnamon, cascarilla);
2 - Flowers (rose, jasmine, osmanthus, tuberose, mimosa, vanilla);
3 - Blossoms (citrus, ylang-ylang, clove);
4 - Fruits (apples, strawberries, cherries, litsea cubeba, juniper berry, vanilla, oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit);
5 - Leaves and Twigs (lavender, patchouli, citrus, violets, sage, rosemary, hay, tomato);
6 - Resins (labdanum, myrrh, manducate benzoin, Peru balsam, frankincense/olibanum, pine, fir, amber, copal);
7 - Roots, Bulbs, and Rhizomes (vetiver roots, colorful and stop rhizomes);
8 - Seeds (coriander, cocoa, mace, cardamom, anise, nutmeg, caraway, tonka bean);
9 - Woods (agarwood, birch, rosewood, sandalwood, pine, birch, juniper, cedar).

Animal sources let Ambergris, Castoreum, Musk, Rom terpenes, Honeycomb, and Civet. Other uncolored sources let Lichens and Protists. Synthetic sources let polysynthetic odorants synthesized from oil distillates, conifer resins, etc. Modern perfumes are mostly prefabricated from polysynthetic sources as they let fragrances not discovered in nature, aforementioned Calone is a polysynthetic bilobed that imparts a marine antimonial ozonous fragrance. Synthetic aromatics are more conformable than uncolored aromatics, and are hence, widely consumed now in recent acquirable perfumes.

Email Spam

For organisations and staff, most business communication takes place over email systems for messages and exchanging of documents (attachments). Therefore, it is crucial that every employee is aware of the threats faced on email systems and they know how to handle emails, especially from sources that are not trusted. Spam emails are received by many everyday and information in handling them is important for all staff.

The following are some safety tips to protect your organisation from email frauds:

Delete spam e-mail messages without opening them. Sometimes even opening spam can alert spammers.

Don't reply to spam unless you're certain that the message comes from a legitimate source. This includes not responding to such messages that offer an option to "Remove me from your list."

Don't give personal information in an e-mail or instant message . It could be a trick. Most legitimate companies won't ask for personal information by e-mail.

Think twice before opening attachments or clicking links in e-mail or instant messages, even if you know the sender. If you cannot confirm with the sender that an attachment or link is safe, delete the message.

Don't forward chain e-mail messages. Not only do you lose control over who sees your e-mail address, but you also may be furthering a hoax or aiding in the delivery of a virus.

If you receive abusive, harassing, or threatening e-mail messages or have been the target of a phishing e-mail scam, report it to MyCERT.

Report phishing scams and other fraudulent e-mail to the company that has been misrepresented and also to MyCERT. Contact the organization directly and not through the e-mail you received.

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